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Top Get Well Teddy Bears

Sesame Street Feel Better ElmoSesame Street Feel Better Elmo
Feel Better Elmo has the sneezes and is mooching about the house in his dressing gown. He's just found a box of tissues to blow his nose, that he carries in his left hand and is on his way back to bed.

Broken Arm BearBroken Arm Bear
Broken Arm Bear has broken his arm and he's had it wrapped with a bandage and sling so that friends and family will know how poorly he is feeling.

Get Well Nurse BearGet Well Nurse Bear
This Get Well Soon bear wears a white nurse uniform and will provide a perfect tonic for anyone suffering from an illness or an extended stay in hospital.

Get Well Soon Teddy BearGet Well Soon Teddy Bear
Get Well Soon Teddy Bear has hurt his head and he's had it dressed with a bandage so that everyone will know how poorly he is feeling.

Pepe the Puppy and Whos Poorly Too BookPepe the Puppy and Whos Poorly Too Book
Send this cute get well soon gift to someone who has suffered an injury or is experiencing a stay in hospital. Pepe the Puppy has tripped over his ears and hurt himself - he's been bandaged up and now needs a little care.