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Find My Bear: Who is this bear asks Gina Akers?

Hello, I was wondering if you could help me. I have a couple of old bears but I I can't find out much about them despite buying loads of books and spending hours trawling the internet.

I have attached some photos of the bears, if you could tell me anything about them, particularly who may of made them I would really appreciate it. Also if you could point me in the direction of what they would have looked like originally or if they were in better condition I would be forever grateful.

Photos of my lovely but mystery bears are attached! Also some details below with regard to measurements etc, in case this helps too.

Thank you, Kind regards, Gina Akers

Date: End of WW1 early 1920's?
Maker: Bing? German?
Fur: Rusty, Dark Apricot Colour, Bright Russet, believe to be mohair, centre seam down middle of tummy
Stuffing: looks like woodwool, head, arms, legs and body all feel like they are stuffed with the same material, the stuffing feels very hard and firm but crunchy.
Paws: 4 claws sewn on outside of paws, 4 claws on feet, looks original sewing, paw and feet pads are replacements with brown felt, but light brown beige cotton pads are underneath stitched on with incredibly small neat stitching so small you can barely see it, the thread very closely matches the colour of the beige/light brown pads
Eyes: one black metal eye with a shiny black finish, looks like a boot button eye sewn on with metal attachment at the back, remains of metal attachment where other eye would have been.
Nose: small, triangular shape, stitched outline
Shape/Movement: small hump on back, moveable arms, legs and head
Other info: There is a round circular object in the tummy, maybe a squeaker or a growler, you can press it in but its not working. Can't find any evidence of a button ever being in the ears. Feels like there is something hard and maybe circular under the seam about halfway down on the bears right hand side. It feels about the size of a drawing pin head, but it may just be the way the stuffing has settled.
Measurements: Standing 15" (38 cm), Sitting 10" (25.5cm)

Find My Bear: Who is this bear?

Date: 1923-1930's
Maker: Chiltern Early Hugmee?
Fur: Not much fur remaining but looks like blonde mohair
Stuffing: Head, arms & legs all seem to be woodwool (firm & sounds crunchy). Body is slightly softer but still sounds crunchy seems to also be woodwool, Centre seam in middle of tummy, feels like there is something possibly circular in the chest, when sides are squeezed, something moves to the front of his chest and makes a popping sound
Paws: 3 claws on paws, 5 claws on feet, looks original sewing, paw and feet pads look like replacements, removed one paw pad but couldn't find any previous ones underneath.
Eyes: metal with a matt black finish, look like boot button eyes sewn on with metal attachments at the back
Nose: upwards nose stitching, like Chiltern bears?
Shape/Movement: moveable arms, legs and head
Other info: early Chiltern 1915-1930?? Early Hugmee bear? Size & nose maybe match 1930 powder blue
Measurements: Standing 14.5" (37 cm), Sitting 10.5" (27 cm)

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